Maldini shows his rejection of a biennial World Cup

Paolo Maldini has joined the current against FIFA’s plans to introduce a World Cup every two years instead of continuing to play as it has historically happened in the interval of four.

«I do not think that playing the World Cup every two years is a good idea, that would diminish the importance of the most unique sporting event in the world, nullifying a tradition that is already 100 years old,» says Paolo Maldini, current Milan director, in statements to Italian agency ANSA.

The World Cup has been held every four years since 1930 with one exception: between the final stages of 1938 and 1950 because in 1942 and 1946 it did not take place due to the Second World War.

«I hope, as an athlete, that FIFA will abandon this wrong project,» added Maldini, an authoritative voice in the world of football, after winning all possible titles as a defender at Milan for 25 consecutive seasons (1984-2009) and being captain of the Italian team, with which he did not win any title although he reached the final of the 1994 World Cup and the semifinals of the 1990 edition with the ‘azzurra’ the host.

Players and national leagues, very harmed

«An eventual biennial tournament, added to the calendar proposed by FIFA that would group the stoppages for national teams into just two windows, would have very negative consequences on the psychophysical health of the players and on the future of the national leagues, which would suffer an impact tremendous in an already very delicate moment ”, Maldini argues.

«Athletes, federations and clubs are aware that the possible benefits would be very small compared to the many risks that such a decision would pose for the world of football,» concludes Maldini. UEFA and a large majority of European leagues have spoken out against the FIFA project, which is undergoing a consultation process before publishing its findings in a report in November.