Magic and Bird awards will be given to conference finals MVPs

The NBA has just announced a surprising novelty that will take effect imminently. In keeping with the redesign of the Larry O’Brien trophy, the lLiga has announced that it will award awards to the MVP of each conference. These will respond to the name of Magic Johnson in the case of the West and Larry Bird in the East.

Along with these two firsts, the conference champion trophies will be named after Bob Cousy and Oscar Robertson for the East and West respectively. The NBA has revealed what the new trophies look like, the most striking being the Finals MVP award. The Bill Russell Trophy will now be entirely gold, losing its hitherto characteristic silver trunk. This change is part of the NBA’s 75th anniversary initiatives, which have already seen a few changes to the All-Star awards.

As since 1977, the company chosen to manufacture the trophies has been Tiffany & Co. whose design has been handled by the artist Victor Solomon. According to those involved in this twist, the purpose of this small metamorphosis was to give consistency to this group of trophies and reflect the league’s vision towards the future through their design.

(NBA cover photo)