Lewandowski’s ‘hat-trick’ in poker from Bayern to Cologne (0-4)

He came from losing his third game in the Bundesliga and seeing how Haaland’s Dortmund was placed three points after the thrashing of Freiburg (5-1), so Bayern Munich had to react in the Cologne field. And so he did.

He did not need his version of a steamroller to take the three points from Cologne and recover the six advantage over Dortmund, even less when you have a Robert Lewandowski in stellar condition. The Polish striker saw the goal for the fourth consecutive game and put the victory on track by signing a hat-trick that reaffirms him as top scorer in the Bundesliga. If Haaland scored two, he did three to fatten up some truly scandalous numbers. There are already 34 goals in 27 games this season. Almost nothing.

Thus, Bayern had it easy so that the setback against Gladbach remained an anecdote. ‘Lewi’, devastating inside the area, opened the can in the 9th minute to a pass from Thomas Müller, his indefatigable partner in the Bavarian attack. And before reaching the half hour mark, Tolisso extended the lead with a beautiful left foot that was the culmination of a great play by Nagelsmann’s men (24′).

Cologne is not that they were defending badly, but they were executed by the superlative punch of a Bayern that also had fortune on their side when the VAR annulled a goal by Uth for offside that would have put the local team in the match.

It was not like that and Bayern, led by Lewandowski, rounded off the win with two more goals from their star (62′ and 74′) to reaffirm their lead in the Bundesliga.