LeBron ‘point-forward’ James: surpasses Robertson and leaves Magic within shot

A bad game in the collective for the Lakers but another spectacular one for the galactic credit of LeBron James. If the most complete player in basketball history has a ceiling, we still don’t know how tall he is.

Yesterday, in the loss to the Memphis Grizzlies where Ja Morant left a stopper for the memory, the King, for his part, signed 35 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. All this he does, we never tire of repeating it, at the age of 37.

And its eternal prime Oscar Robertson will not stop suffering so far in 2022. As soon as the year started, the Hall of Famer saw James overtake him in the list of all-time players from the free throw, snatching number 1 from the 1960 Draft the fourth place with the highest number of pitches converted from the personal.

Just a week later and without time to recover, he has to see how he overtakes him in another even more important category. The one with the assists. With his seven against Memphis, Lebron leaves Robertson behind and is already seventh in a classification whose top-10 is to tremble.

Go for the ’32’ by Magic

And the best is yet to come. The sixth is none other than Magic Johnson, and at the rate of basket passes that the point-forward, statistics say that if there are no shocks or setbacks, LeBron could also conquer that sixth place by the end of April.

Magic ended his 13-season NBA career with 10,141 assists, keeping him at a current distance of 254 from LeBron. If he played practically everything between now and the end of the course, an average of 6.5 would be enough for him, and the Lakers’ star is at 6.6, so it could happen before throwing the curtain on the regular season.

Third in scoring after passing Kobe Bryant and seventh (and rising) in assists. In rebounding alone, third of the queen categories, where he currently ranks 42nd, is not a LeBron James deity. But let’s not say it out loud. Go listen to us.

(Cover photo by Elsa / Getty Images)