LA Galaxy: Will Douglas Costa be Chicharito Hernández’s teammate?

Los Angeles Galaxy I’d be interested in the Brazilian winger Douglas costa. To arrive at the Californian franchise, Coast I would share a campus with the Mexican Javier “Chicharito” Hernández.

After a great career in European football, which included steps by Juventus Y Bayern Munich, Douglas costa returned to Brazilian soccer to play in the Guild.

Things did not go well for him at the club Porto Alegre. The team descended to the B series from Brazil and the torcedores accused the attacker of playing in poor physical condition. Now, the former striker of the Brazilian team has offers to leave Guild in free condition. Also looking for it Flamengo, runner-up of the Libertadores Cup.

LA Galaxy paid attention to his contractual situation. The franchise of the Major League Soccer released a franchise player quota at the end of 2021 after the departure of Jonathan dos Santos to the America.

The board of directors of the Los Angeles team plans to use that quota in a signing of international renown. One of the candidates is Douglas costa. LA Galaxy will only negotiate with the Brazilian if he manages to rescind with Guild. Otherwise, the organization will not allocate a sum to pay for your pass.

Coast, 31, has a renewal offer to play with Guild on the B series from Brazil. The Galaxy They are in a process of sports reconstruction. Greg vanney wants to return the team to the playoffs of the MLS. For this, several footballers left and others could arrive.

The arrival of the Brazilian could empower the Mexican forward Javier “Chicharito” Hernández. The arrival of a world figure would force the Mexican to redouble his efforts to remain in the starting team. Taking into account that the two occupy the same position, Vanney you should choose between one or the other.

Hernandez scored 17 goals in the 2021 season of the MLS. Despite the good scoring mark, LA Galaxy expect much more from the Mexican. Injuries prevented Chicharito could get continuity throughout the year. It is a key piece for 2022, the year in which the Los Angeles team will try to regain prominence in the football of the U.S.