Klopp on the signing of Haaland: «He is a real beast»

The Liverpool coach analyzed the brand new incorporation of Manchester City

Haaland lost despite his hat-trick

The «beast» Haaland will play for Manchester City

Klopp on signing Haaland:

Jurgen Klopp did not take long to react to the signing of Erling Haland by the Manchester City. The coach of Liverpool He was asked about the Norwegian joining his great rival in the Premier and he did not hesitate to express his thoughts.

«Unfortunately, he is a very good signing. He was injured a couple of times in Dortmund, but when he is fit he is a real beast,» he said after the victory against Aston-Villa.

Klopp It was clear when they asked him if this signing strengthens City. «A lot,» stressed the ‘red’ coach. «They have a specific way of playing, and I think Erling you will suddenly realize that you will score a lot of goals at the far post just by putting your foot down. He will love that. He is a real beast,» he insisted.

The Liverpool and the City they are engaged in the fight for the Premier League. Both teams are tied on points, although the team from Pep Guardiola He has one more game to play.

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