Klay describes the disaster in two words: «Horrifying and embarrassing.»

Klay Thompson had the same reaction as most Warriors fans who endured the beating (134-95) of the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals. Those of Taylor Jenkins passed over Golden State and left the game sentenced during the third quarter.

«It was horrible. It was embarrassing, «acknowledged the Warriors star in his press conference. He probably could have left it there, but Klay went deeper into explaining him. «From the beginning, we did not have good feelings. They were more aggressive than us. It is reflected in the fact that they took 30 free throws and we only 13, «said Thompson. The forward did not cut his tongue when talking about the poor performance of his team.

The Warriors had another poor start to the game and this time they were nowhere near coming back. The Grizzlies forced as many as 22 turnovers, made sure to grab the vast majority of rebounds and did a good job on offense. The Warriors, meanwhile, looked nothing like the team that had a three-game lead in the playoffs.

Thompson was the leading scorer for the Warriors with 19 points. However, he also had a historically bad +/- stat. He finished the duel with a -45. According to StatMuse, he is tied with Andre Drummond for the worst individual performance in this stat during a playoff game.

(Cover photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)