Julián Álvarez used to ask Messi for photos and now he makes him happy

The new jewel of Argentina, who took the position from Lautaro Martínez and is going for more, is a lover of Leo Messi, with a history of humility and good gestures, always elevated by his coaches, from Marcelo Gallardo to Pep Guardiola. He tried himself in Boca and at Real Madrid. He stayed in River. He gave his first coach a van.

It’s Julián Álvarez like his face. It is pure as her look. It’s good as his smile. He deserves the dreams that he has been fulfilling for some time: the explosion in River, the millionaire sale to Manchester City, the praise of Pep Guardiola and now the leading role in his first World Cup with a goal in his number one title. It was not a lie when from the intimacy of the albiceleste, a couple of days before the start of the Qatari adventure, they assured: “Scaloni sees Julián very well. He really wants to put it in the starter. Look, huh»…

At the age of eleven, in a video recorded in his Córdoba town called Calchín, Julián Álvarez had already said: “I want to play a World Cup; my idol is Messi”. He went out of his way to ask Leo for photos when he was little. And he got them. Now Julián makes 10, the captain, happy when he nails it in the angle against Poland and ensures classification.

crack horizon

They call it Spider. The crack horizon was already drawn. The scouts had pointed it out. Then the evidence began to emerge. First, one at Real Madrid, at the age of 11: there were 5 games and 2 goals. The problem was that they only accepted boys older than 13. That’s why he didn’t stay. They also saw him in action in Argentinos and Boca, although again without the final ok.

Until River appeared, the crush. At the age of 16 he stayed at the millionaire pension. A beautiful story was born. Gallardo perfectly managed his timing, until giving him the space at the right time. First he waited after Rafael Santos Borré. When the Colombian was transferred, he moved a few games leaning to the right, until the Doll ranked him 9 and that impressive string of goals came.

Manchester City was the one that did not hesitate and put 21,500,000 euros on the table. And he went to be trained by Guardiola, that coach who immediately caressed him with words much more than once even though he makes him wait a long time behind Haaland.

The first coach he had in his town, Rafael Varas, knowing his needs, when he was already consolidated in River, the scorer surprised him one day by visiting him and giving him a truck: his first DT ever was also a delivery man. Yes, Julián Alvarez deserves this sweet reality.