José Altuve revealed if he thinks he can reach 3,000 hits in the MLB

The fact that Miguel Cabrera has reached 3,000 hits in the MLB made all eyes turn to his compatriot José Altuve, who could join him in that select club in the future thanks to his talent for connecting hits.

The Houston Astros waiter was the American League hits leader from 2014 to 2017, hitting over 200 hits for 4 straight seasons. However, his pace has slowed over the years, reaching Wednesday with 1,793 hits in 12 years in the Major Leagues.

Active Hits Leaders: (Non 3,000):1-Robinson Cano-2,6322-Yadier Molina-2,1263-Joey Votto-2,0264-Nelson Cruz-1,9295-Elvis Andrus-1,8806-Andrew McCutchen-1 ,8507-Evan Longoria-1,8188-Jose Altuve-1,7929-Freddie Freeman-1,73610-Eric Hosmer-1,66411-Paul Goldschmidt-1,601

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In 2021, the Venezuelan had 167 hits and to date in 2022 he has 16 in 62 at-bats.

«I like to go day by day,» Altuve told the Houston Chronicle. «I’m a long way from 3,000 hits. I feel like I need to accomplish a lot more things before that, like win a lot of games and win championships. I’m not saying I don’t worry about it; obviously it would be a dream come true, but I feel like it’s very far».

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Astros’ Jose Altuve and the possibility of 3,000 hits

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Altuve has two more years left on his contract with the sidereals, but he aims to spend another decade connecting uncatchable in the majors. The chance that he will follow in the footsteps of ‘Miggy’ will always be latent.

«Cabrera is the best baseball player born in Venezuela. He has 500 home runs and 3,000 hits, that’s impressive. I’m proud to be his friend.»