James Wiseman could start the season playing in the G League

Few players come to the NBA for the first time with less footage than James Wiseman did last year. The number two of the 2020 draft could barely enjoy his college experience after the suspension that led him to play only three games with the University of Memphis. This meant that his landing in a group of immediate demand such as the Warriors discovered him as a player yet to be formed despite the potential shown. This situation worsened after the injury and subsequent meniscus operation that he had to endure last April. Now, the franchise thinks about finalizing his recovery by filming him in the G League.

This is echoed by Anthony Slater in his last piece for The Athletic, in which he analyzes the plan that the Warrios have for Wiseman for this start of the season. The Santa Cruz affiliate could be an option to start increasing the physical load and place the pivot in real game situations. However, the simultaneity of the start of the NBA and the G League means that the preference of the coaching staff is to have Wiseman in the Warriors rotation as soon as possible. Even if it is with small shares.

The idea would not be for the player to alternate presences between both teams, but to complete his recovery in the G League with the aim of returning to the Warriors routine permanently. Dejan Milojevic, a personal trainer for the Golden State interiors, points to his mentee’s situation as a poisoned gift. “It is a blessing for him to be surrounded by so many superstars. But you have to find a way to help them and fit into their game. We are helping you ». Wiseman’s NBA story is this, a player with enormous unrefined potential forced to learn by leaps and bounds.

(Cover photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)