Ja Morant, confirmed drop for Game 6 against Warriors

When Memphis announced that Ja Morant could miss the remainder of the playoffs — regardless of how long the Grizzlies lasted — he wasn’t bluffing. The point guard, injured in his right knee since the third game of the series in a controversial action with Jordan Poole, missed the next two games and will not be in tonight’s Game 6 either, which takes place at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

The bone hematoma revealed by the MRI performed a few days ago is still present; What’s more, Morant most likely won’t be able to play until the 2022-23 season. That scenario would have sunk any team, but Tennessee’s are made of a different paste. In the fourth game they had the Warriors on the ropes and in the fifth (also without their star) they gave them a huge beating to force the sixth game.

Despite the backlash, it’s clear that Golden State remains the favorite. Logic says that they are more talented and their pride must also be hurt after a clash that Klay Thompson defined as «horrifying and embarrassing.» Be that as it may, another battle arrives today, one in which Memphis must maintain the guidelines of the previous meeting, knowing that those from California will be better – worse impossible.

On the fact of playing without Morant, it should help Memphis having had that same problem for many games in the regular season. At that time there were not a few who thought they would fall, but the answer was to be even better as a group. Nobody asks them now to eliminate the Warriors, especially after doing much more than required in the exhibition of the previous clash. Yes, the pressure is on Curry and company.

(Photograph by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)