«I thought about suicide when Juventus went down for Calciopoli»

Luciano moggi, former president of the Juvenuts of Turin, spoke some time after the scandal of the Calciopoli, in which the team lost the category after having fixed matches in order to be champion in 2005 and 2006.

He and Antonio Giraudo placeholder image they were found guilty in the named Calciopoli, of which he has now spoken how it affected him. «I thought about suicide in the first days after the news. Only faith in God saved me, «Moggi said in a Netflix documentary called Bad Sport. «I had become everyone’s goal. The system didn’t exist, but only I had to pay.»he insisted.

«I was ashamed to walk the streets and at that moment I thought about many things, including suicide to end everything, especially after the first days after the news and the great media uproar it took,» continued Moggi, who «thank you to faith in God «he found immense strength to follow.

Neither Moggi nor Giraudo eventually served prison terms, but were banned from soccer for life.