«I had a life of lust, surrounded by alcohol, cigarettes and other things»

Almost a year after Jackson Martinez decided to close his career as a footballer in a somewhat premeditated way and as a result of injuries, he revealed the sins that led him to also take his career to the bottom.

«I had a life of lust and joy in sins. I enjoyed them because I did not see them that way but as something normal, like everyone else. You will never see God until the moment when he is the only thing you have, so I made the decision to focus on him «, assures the Colombian to Channel 1 of his country.

Does not stay there Jackson Martinez, but it is even more explicit: «In my case, I began to feel that some friends I had were taking me to parties, drinks … He was surrounded by alcohol, cigarettes and many other things too «.

Now, the former Atlético de Madrid player is a singer and presented his new song. «At a critical moment in my career, when I had two surgeries that lengthened my time off the field to practically two years, I devoted myself a little more to writing and made the decision to release an album.»