Hungary and Albania, in the sights of FIFA

The FIFA is analyzing the crowd unrest and assessing the penalties after condemning the disorder that involved fans from Hungary and Albania in the World Cup qualifiers. At London’s Wembley Stadium, Hungarian fans clashed with police in the stands just after kick-off as officials attempted to arrest a spectator on suspicion of racially abusing a steward. Hungary drew 1-1 with England.

Another Group I match, in Tirana, was suspended for about 20 minutes. Karol Świderski had just scored for Poland in the 77th minute when he was hit by a bottle thrown by Albania fans. The players from Poland withdrew but returned to the field and held on to win 1-0.

«FIFA is currently analyzing the reports from last night’s FIFA World Cup qualifying matches to determine the most appropriate action,» the governing body said in a statement on Wednesday. “FIFA strongly condemns the incidents in England v. Hungary and Albania c. Poland and would like to state that its position remains firm and resolute in rejecting any form of violence, as well as any form of discrimination or abuse. FIFA has a very clear position of zero tolerance in the face of such abominable behavior in football.

The disorder of the Hungarian fans, including racism, during the home game against England in Budapest last month caused Hungary to play Saturday’s game against Albania in an empty stadium. FIFA released Hungary on probation with the threat that another match would be played without fans if there was more disorder in the matches.