Hulk can receive between 4 and 12 games of sanction

A Hulk The kick he gave to an opponent during the game can cost him dearly. Atletico Mineiro disputed against Coritiba in the Brazilian championship, on April 23. The striker will be tried for ‘physical aggression’ by the High Court of Sports Justice and could receive a sanction of between 4 and 12 games if he is convicted.

Hulk received a yellow card for kicking Willian Farias. The trial will take place on May 18, in Rio de Janeiro. At trial, he could be convicted, acquitted or given a more lenient suspension. In this scenario, the penalty ranges from one to three matches.

Gabigol, in apparent disagreement with the yellow card received by Hulk, criticized on his twitter profile the alleged double standards of the referees, since he considered that, if he had been the offender, he would have received a «red card, 25 game suspension» and even «been taken to police station». Hulk, then, responded via Instagram to the Flamengo striker: «It seems more than it really is.»