Haaland’s amazing 4,000 Kcal diet with which half of Europe has fallen in love

At only 21 years old, Erling Haland He has managed to get all the big clubs to set their eyes on him. Finally, he has been Manchester City the one that has taken the cat to the water this week, but its imposing physique and his point speed have not gone unnoticed by anyone.

Qualities that he achieves (or rather improves) through a strict eating plan very similar to that of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. six meals distributed throughout the day, which allow you to always maintain energy, thanks to the 4,000 calories that you consume daily.

Come on, the Norwegian is not hungry. In fact, his compatriot Josh King already showed his surprise with the feeding of his partner: «Never, I have never seen anyone eat as much as he does. Eat like a bear»commented.

Each of these meals include such basic foods as pasta, fish or cooked chicken, prepared specifically for him by the private chef he has at home, without drop of oil or salt.

Logically, from time to time he gives his ‘whims’ and among them are pizza, kebab or sweet and sour chicken, his three favorite dishes.