Gravenberch sale accidentally revealed!

The Ajax again proclaimed champion of the eredivise this Wednesday by the hand of Erik Ten Hagfuture coach of Man Utdand of Ryan Gravenbech.

The 19-year-old midfielder has stood out and has drawn the attention of the greats of Europe, being the Bayern Munich the team that has shown the most interest in the player.

Much has been written about the future of Gravenberchbut during the celebrations one of his current teammates accidentally revealed his next destination.

He will be a Bayern player

«Unfortunately he will leave us, but he deserves it, he has earned it. He is my twin,» Kenneth Taylor said in a video shared by Ajax. Gravenberch, present at the scene, could not believe it. «We wish him the best of luck at Bayern Munich,» added Taylor.

In this particular way, the signing of Gravenberch for him bayernwhich will be done with one of the most promising midfielders of the moment.

Felipe Munoz

Ryan Gravenberch together with the components of Amslux

Gravenberch has been a fixture in the lineups of Erik Ten Hag. Proof of this is that among all competitions he has played 41 games, scoring three goals and dishing out six assists.