Germany’s 1-1 against Costa Rica

Germany has been eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar in the first phase despite beating Costa Rica (2-4). Jamal Musiala has been their best player but his great performance has not been enough for the Germans to avoid the debacle.


1x1_Germany_Neuer OPTA-20388

Manuel Neuer

Despite conceding two goals, he demonstrated with his interventions the level that has led him to become the goalkeeper with the most caps (19) in World Cup history today.


1x1_Germany_kimmich OPTA-165687

joshua kimmich

It was the great novelty in the German line-up. Hansi Flick moved him back to his right-back position, as Pep Guardiola placed him at Bayern Munich, although after the break he put him back in the double pivot.


1x1_Germany_raum OPTA-243309

david ram

It was at the level of Germany. The left-back carried a lot of danger in the first half on his wing and gave Gnabry the 0-1 cross. But in the second part he fell into the general mess.


1x1_germany_goretzka OPTA-119090

leon goretzka

He did not have the clairvoyance of other occasions and Hansi Flick took over at the break so that Kimmich took his position in the double pivot.


1x1_Germany_usually OPTA-161450

Niklas Sule

Costa Rica uncovered its shortcomings with its counterattacks in the second half and showed signs of fragility with spaces.


1x1_Germany_ruediger OPTA-102380

Antonio Rudiger

A monumental mistake was about to cost Germany a goal at 1-0 if not for Neuer remedying it. Already against the current, he had arrests to go on the attack and was able to score with a shot to the post.


1x1_Germany_gnabry OPTA-133798

serge gnabry

He opened the scoring with a header and was one of the players who insisted the most in search of the goal. He also gave Havertz the 3-2 assist.


1x1_Germany_guendogan OPTA-59859

Ilkay Gundogan

The Manchester City midfielder was not at the level of the two previous games and Flick came on for him at the start of the second half.


1x1_Germany_mueller OPTA-55634

Thomas muller

The veteran German midfielder played 9 this time and in the first half had a couple of chances to finish off long balls, but he ended up swallowed up by the Costa Rican defense and was substituted.


1x1_Germany_musiala OPTA-244857

Jamal Musiala

He was the best player in Germany, which depended at all times on his quality and interned between the lines. At 19, he once again showed that the future of the ‘Mannschaft’ depends on his talent.


1x1_Germany_ginter OPTA-111251

Matthias Ginter

He already entered the discount when the elimination of Germany was inevitable.



Leroy Sane

He regained ownership after being a substitute against Spain and fed his attacking teammates with centers although the goal did not materialize. He completed the entire game and assisted Füllkrug in the final 2-4.


1x1_germany_klostermann OPTA-180839

lukas klosterman

Flick lined up the burly right-back center back at half-time for Kimmich to regain his center midfield position and that’s when Costa Rica scored their two goals.


1x1_Germany_havertz OPTA-219847

Kai Havertz

He came on for Müller and the Chelsea striker was key in the winless comeback with two goals.


1x1_Germany_Goetze OPTA-69600

Mario Gotze

He did not have the impact on the game in Germany by not being able to lavish the imbalance that has led him to the World Cup after his good season at Eintracht.


1x1_germany_fuellkrug OPTA-91889

Niclas Fullkrug

As against Spain, the giant striker showed that he has the goal between his eyebrows. He came on in the second half, scored a one and had an assist.