Flick: «There is no margin for error, but we must have faith»

According to Hansi Flick, Germany coach, his team is between a rock and a hard place after losing his first game in the World Cup against Japan (1-2) and «he cannot afford a new setback», in this case against Spain, on Sunday if he wants to have any chance of going to the next round. «There is no margin for error, but we must have faith.»

The four-time world champion suffered a stunning 1-2 defeat on Wednesday against the Japanese, after leading 1-0 and wasting numerous chances.

The Germans inexplicably lifted their foot off the accelerator in the second part and they conceded two goals in the last minutes, thus suffering their third consecutive defeat in the premiere of a major tournament.

«We missed the first chance. Now we have to work on things and improve them. We are going to keep going and we have to show character to keep our chances in our last group game,» Flick said in an online news conference on Thursday.

Germany’s last game is against Costa Rica on December 1. «We have faith in the team, we are positive and we want to face this game on Sunday in a positive way,» Flick added.

«It is important to process defeats, clear your head and focus on the next task. That is our goal. Getting the team to a point where I have faith.» Germany suffered their earliest World Cup elimination in 80 years when they crashed out in the first round of the 2018 World Cup. Instead of laying the foundation for a long run in the tournament in Qatar, the loss to Japan puts the Germans on the ropes once again and they face Spain with the threat of another early elimination.

«We didn’t do some things right in terms of tactics and we have to improve on that,» Flick said. «In football it is like that. You have to give the best of yourself. The criticism is justified.».