FIFA lifts Chad’s suspension

He will return to international competition after he was banned in April due to government interference.


FIFA has lifted Chad’s suspension

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The FIFA, the governing body of world football, explained in a statement that the suspension of the Chad rose with immediate effect as the government would have restored power to the Chadian Football FederationLy reversed his decision to create a national football management committee.

FIFA and the African Football Confederation will soon carry out a joint mission to N’Djamena to continue the ongoing discussions between the Chadian authorities and the federation.

Chad was disqualified from the African Cup of Nations in early 2021 after disputes between the sport ministry and the federation that led the government to establish a new committee to administer the sport by presidential decree. «We are going to start over in the development of football in Chad», assured Moctar Mahamoud Hamid, president of the Chadian Football Association.

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