FIFA investigates allegations of abuse against hundreds of minors in Gabon

FIFA has announced the opening of a research for the accusations of sexual abuse against hundreds of Gabonese minors performed by coaches of various national teams of that African country.

Among the accused are Patrick Assoumou Eyi, former U-17 selected, Orphée Mickala and Triphel Mabicka, who at the time also held the position of coach in various clubs.

The events were denounced at the time by the British The Guardian. Assoumou was arrested last December 20 accused of violence against minors. The other two named are being investigated for the same reason, which could lead to 30 years in prison for all of them.

The president of the country, Ali Bongo Ondimba, instructed the Minister of Justice to open a judicial inquiry for the alleged abuses committed in the world of football, but also in other sports fields to «eradicate potential sexual predators». Gabonese taekwondo has also been affected by these types of events: on December 29, Martin Avera, coach of this specialty, was arrested on charges of pedophilia on «numerous victims«.