Evra: «Mbappé hides something»

Patrice evra has recently published an autobiographical book in which he reviews his career and some issues as controversial in this world as the need for gay footballers to be able to openly state that they are: “Unfortunately, if you say you are gay, it’s over. One by one, I have met colleagues who have explained it to me, but it is difficult to speak it in another way. There are at least two players per club who are ”, he adds.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, Evra He also takes the opportunity to analyze the news of teams that are on everyone’s lips such as PSG. And especially from Mbappe, who does not quite believe: “He is an educated guy and I like him, but I have the feeling that he is hiding something. When I hear him speak, I feel like I’m listening to a political representative and not a footballer, ”says the former United footballer.

There are many expectations placed on PSG and that this is the final year in Europe. With Messi In the team, many have thought that the road would be easier. EvraHowever, remember that not everything can be reduced to the talent of a player: “They took Leo, but he will not be the one who makes them win the Champions League. It is a collective objective ”, he underlines in this interview published in one of the most prestigious media in France.