Evander Kane, a new investigation makes his signing difficult

Evander kane go back to your old ways. A phrase that in itself might sound a bit exaggerated, but if we know a little more in depth the trajectory of the character in question, we may even be falling short. Illegal gambling, sexual assault, or domestic violence, among other “niceties”, have starred in part of the career of this controversial athlete.

And it is that, the Canadian has «rolled» it again going to Canada to try his signing for the Edmonton oilers supposedly skipping the bullfight, any type of COVID-19 protocol imposed.

The NHL, In a brief from his Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, he has stated that is going to start an investigation to try to figure out if the Canadian player has incurred any illegality. In said statement it is explained that Kane crossed the border on December 29 or what is the same, less than ten days after testing positive for COVID-19.

At this point it can be said that The Canadian government is one of the strictest governments when it comes to the entry and exit of people from the country. People who have persistent symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 15 days, cannot enter Canada by public flight, whether they are Canadians or foreigners,

The 30-year-old Canadian tested positive on December 21 while playing for the San Jose Barracuda, Sharks affiliate team. In fact, when the Californian team learns that their player flies without medical authorization, your contract is almost automatically terminated, $ 49 million million dollar contract with seven years remaining.

The intention of Evander kane with his controversial trip

Evander kane As a free player and without a team, he organized this past December 29 a trip to Canada with the sole intention, supposedly, of signing for the Edmonton oilers. At the moment, it has not transpired much more.

However, when asked this past Tuesday General manager of the Oilers, Ken Holland, for the signing of Kane, he did not hesitate to say that, «of course I would give Kane another chance as a player.»

Therefore, We will have to wait and see how the NHL investigation ends with the veteran player, if he signs for Edmonton or not, and if he leaves the controversies aside for once, and focuses solely on hockey. I honestly doubt it.