Enes Kanter Freedom explains the reason behind his name change

Playing just over twelve minutes a night in his career low, Enes Kanter’s season is being contested more on Twitter than on the pavilion. Since the current course began, the pivot of Turkish origin has been involved in a campaign of constant criticism of the Chinese government. Which has also seasoned by throwing pujas to LeBron James, Michael Jordan and the sports brand Nike. Kanter has always been a vocal person and has never shied away from these potential conflicts, but the last few weeks have discovered the most talkative Enes. Now, he punctuates his speech with a name change that makes ‘Freedom’ his official last name as a US citizen.

Born in Switzerland and raised mostly in Turkey, the player has lived in the United States for a dozen years now. However, it was not until last Sunday that he achieved nationalization. Which he took advantage of to convert his previous surname, Kanter, into his middle name and replace it with the ‘Freedom’ that he already wore on his shirt in the game against the Sixers. Knowing that it was going to be one of the topics of the day, the player received the press before the meeting and responded to the first question about the change with a «call me Mr. Freedom» that finished emphasizing the comedy of the matter.

Later Mr. Freedom would become more serious to explain the reasons for his new last name. «I wanted the word to be part of me. It’s something I’ve fought for all my life. It is the word that has kept me standing all my life, ”declared Kanter.

The history of the pivot in the NBA was already dotted with what is his current surname in December 2019. That night the Celtics traveled to Toronto to face the Raptors, a visit that the Turkish governor Recep Tayyip Erdogan took advantage of to order the extradition of the player blaming him for terrorism to INTERPOL and revoking his passport. Kanter has maintained continuous friction with the president of his country for discrepancies with his refugee policy and another string of issues. However, the city of Toronto granted him their political protection and the player decided to write a ‘FREEDOM’ in Sneakers with which I would play that night.

(Cover photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)