Durant surpasses Iverson and is among the 25 top scorers in history

Kevin Durant continues to make history with his endless scoring resources. With the 21 points he has scored this morning, the forward has reached 24,388 in his career, becoming the 25th player who has scored the most in NBA history. To reach this position, the Nets has surpassed Allen Iverson, who with 24,368 was just one ahead of him until today.

In addition, with 902 games behind him, Durant is the player in the top 25 who has played the fewest games in his career, which speaks clearly of the enormous margin he has to improve his position in the historical list. In fact, hopefully he will continue to climb the ranks soon as Ray Allen, who is ranked 24th, leads him by just 117 points. Therefore, at his current averages, it is only a matter of four or five games that he surpasses him as well. This is the list of top scorers in NBA history right now.

«This means a lot to me,» Kevin said. «I have dedicated my life to this sport from a very young age, and I have grown up watching the names that I am now surpassing play. I wanted to be like them, to be in the NBA and have the impact that they had. Iverson was on an altar for me, and he was one of those players that I tried to imitate every time I played with my friends. It’s surreal. ‘

“I’ve always been a huge Iverson fan, like anyone who saw him play in his rookie year. However, seeing him in Georgetown with John Thompson and the culture they created there was also very important to me. When I was young, I used to play power or power forward, but he made us all start practicing crossovers and those kinds of plays. He was very influential to a lot of people, so surpassing him and getting on this list with so many great names is unbelievable. Now I have to keep climbing.

The Celtics, his latest victim

Durant achieved this milestone against the Celtics, whom the Nets comfortably beat this morning by 104-123. The New Yorkers were ahead from start to finish and came to command by up to 29 points of difference, so that the forward could afford to stay in a discreet (for him) 21 points, his second lowest score of the course, leaving Patty Mills , author of 23 points and 7 triples, will finish as the top scorer of Nash’s.

(Cover photo: Maddie Malhotra / Getty Images)