Doubts about Grayson Allen’s performance in the series against Boston

In a series as even as the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics, or any playoff series, there is never one player who can take all the blame for losses. However, many Bucks fans are growing impatient with the performance of one of their assets: Grayson Allen. After showing a good performance against the Bulls, the shooting guard is not meeting expectations against the Celtics.

The +/- statistic with Allen on the track has set fire to comments on social networks. The Bucks player had a -29 in 22 minutes played in the sixth game. So much so that the Milwaukee press has echoed and asked the coach about the player’s performance.

«The beginning of the third quarter catches my attention. I’m sure Grayson could have done better, but like the rest of the players. It’s really up to all of us to be better coming off the break,» explained the Bucks coach.

But what Budenholzer did not say with his words, he said with his actions. Allen played less than eight minutes in the second half. He and Lopez sat on the bench as the Bucks tried to come back from behind in the fourth quarter. It was the game in which he played the least in the series (22 minutes, 8 less than in the fifth game).

It will be interesting how Budeholzer manages Allen’s playing time in the decisive match of the tie. The Bucks can’t afford to have another game in which one of their players is a clear target for the Celtics’ forwards as a loss would mean goodbye to the season.

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)