DeAndre Ayton begins to lose patience with his renovation

October 18 will be the eve of the start of the 2021-22 NBA season. Also the deadline to close renovations. The normal thing is that by now most franchises have already decided and executed the movements in this regard, but Phoenix Suns still has a few unfinished business. Before the indicated day, the Arizonans will have to decide whether to extend their relationship with Landry Shamet, Mikal Bridges and DeAndre Ayton. It recently came to light that the franchise was reluctant to pay a maximum contract to the latter, before which the player begins to get impatient.

Ayton doesn’t think he can be better than he is in the Suns, where he is a fundamental piece in the winning culture built since the arrival of James Jones to management and Monty Williams to the bench. Most members of the organization hold the pivot in high esteem and would do everything possible to ensure his permanence. But Robert Sarver, the owner, does not think the same. Ayton took advantage of his last press conference to vent. “I love Phoenix, but I’m very upset that they didn’t close my renovation. We were two wins away from winning a championship and I want to be respected for that. Be respected as my peers [del draft de 2018] they are respected by their teams.

Or what is the same, that he will not accept less than what Doncic, Porter Jr., Gilgeous-Alexander and Trae Young have recently signed. The Suns management has been aware of their requests for months, and for that reason Ayton has already left everything in the hands of his agent to focus on the beginning of the season. «I will let them solve it in the most professional way possible. I will only try to control what I can control.

The player spoke these words while wearing a T-shirt with Devin Booker’s face printed on the chest. The situation has not changed one iota the great relationship that Ayton has with his teammates and coaching staff. “The friends I have here are not going to change whatever happens. At the same time, we have to keep working. There is a job to do and that is to win games ». It sounds strange for a player like him to admit that his future could be far from the Suns despite how comfortable he feels. But if your agent can’t convince Sarver before the 18th, that’s probably the most feasible future.

(Fcover photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)