De Bruyne signs a ‘hat-trick’ with his ‘bad’ leg in 23′

Yes Kevin DeBruyne didn’t exist, it would have to be invented. The midfielder of Manchester Citywho did not perform at a good level in the Santiago Bernabeu in the second leg of the semifinals of Champions before him real Madridgot even this Wednesday by scoring the three goals that put the important victory of those from Pep Guardiola before him wolverhampton. And she also did it in a really curious way.

It so happens that DeBruyne not only was he in a hurry to complete the hat-trick in the first 23 minutes of the match but he also did it with his ‘bad’ leg. More right-handed than left-handed, although it is clear that he does not have his left foot just to support himself, DeBruyne he scored all three goals with the same arousing multitudes of praise.

Already in the second half, De Bruyne scored a fourth goal but this one with his right foot after a defensive rebound.

It should be remembered that the Manchester City is immersed in the fight for premier league with the Liverpool Like the other applicant. those of Guardiola they have everything in their face to end up being champions and maybe the performance of Kevin DeBruyne this Wednesday at dessert is essential for it.