Darwin Núñez, the executioner of Barça, awarded

Darwin Núñez, who this week has been recognized as the best striker in Portugal, was also honored this Thursday with the award for best footballer of the month of September.

His two doubles against Santa Clara and Boavista have been decisive in the election, which is carried out by the coaches of the Portuguese championship.

After undergoing surgery for a knee injury at the end of May and missing the first two league games in August, Darwin Núñez, a 22-year-old forward from Artigas, burst into force and September has catapulted him towards the highest levels of European football.

The zenith reached it on September 29, when with two goals he became the key piece for Benfica to defeat (3-0) FC Barcelona in the Champions League.

Forged in Peñarol and top scorer with Almería in the 2019-2020 season, Darwin Núñez arrived a year ago in Lisbon as the most expensive signing in the history of Benfica.

In the vote for the best player of the month, Colombian Luis Díaz (Porto) and Rafa Silva (Benfica) won.