Cristian Romero is close to playing for Tottenham again

The Argentine defender has been injured for two months due to a muscular setback, although he is almost ready to reappear

Tottenham will have to do without 'Cuti' Romero due to injury

Tottenham are looking forward to the recovery of ‘Cuti’ Romero


Argentine defender Cristian Romero is close to being able to play for Tottenham Hotspur again, after two months injured.

Romero has been off the pitch since early November with a thigh muscle injury.

«He is close to coming back,» Antonio Conte said at a press conference. «He has been able to participate for a while in a training session with the group. We have been without him for two months and we have had to face the situation in the best possible way,» added the Italian coach.

Romero, who arrived this summer at Tottenham from Atalanta, has played thirteen games with the ‘Spurs’ and had made a hole as a starter in Conte’s defense of five before his injury.

The one furthest from returning to Conte’s command is Heung-min Son, who is not expected until after the international break in early February. The South Korean was injured in the first leg of the League Cup semi-finals against Chelsea.

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