Córdoba: «I wanted to go out and get to know another football»

TO Iñigo Cordoba he does well in the Go Ahead Eagles. The rojiblanco winger renewed his contract as a lion until 2023 and immediately accepted the offer to play a season on loan with the newly promoted Eredivisie team. So far, he has scored three goals and has earned the title for his new coach. «I am delighted. Talk to Marc (Cardona) and all references were positive. I wanted to change of scene in football and personally. They have welcomed me very well, «he said last night on the program ‘Offside’ from Radio Euskadi. “I saw it more as a personal and professional experience. I wanted to go out, meet people and other football ”, he reiterated.

«It is a different football, more direct and with more occasions. It is more attractive for the spectator»

Iñigo CordobaAthletic player on loan to the Go Ahead Eagles

Cordova He came from a difficult season, both in Bilbao and Alavés, where he also played on loan. Shortly after arriving at the albiazul team, he began to notice physical problems and later he had to operate on his knee. “What at first seemed something simple ended up complicated and I ended up entering Athletic’s preseason later. It was a bit more complicated than expected but now I’m enjoying it ”, he added.

The forward assures that the game played in the First Division of the Netherlands benefits him: “It is a different football, more direct and with more chances both when attacking and defending. It is more attractive to the spectator, there are many occasions, it is a growing League with a lot of young players. The opportunity presented itself to me and I was looking forward to getting to know the Eredivisie and the Netherlands ”.

«At Athletic, I was too obstinate in helping in defensive tasks»

Now he has found his realizing side. “I had to take a step forward in terms of goals and assists and generate danger. I’m happy with how I’m doing, ”he says. In this sense, he observes a difference with respect to the role he played in Athletic. “Soccer here benefits the attack game more. In Bilbao I was more focused on some other task that did not benefit my offensive game. As the games went by, I ended up doing defensive tasks that came in handy for the player, but I was still too obsessed with helping in defensive tasks and in fulfilling a certain role that for an attacking player is not showy. I have many things to contribute in attack and it is one of my main objectives in this adventure ”, explained the Bilbao, with a clear objective, to be more scorer than passer.

In any case, he is working to return to Botxo and win a position in the rojiblanco team. “My goal is to have a good year here with my sights set on returning to Athletic. This adventure can be good for me for a possible return, which is what I want and what I work for. It is a good place to let me see, «he says about the Go Ahead Eagles, which he defines as a very family-friendly club,» with people who are very close and always ready to help, very similar to what is in Bilbao. «

Iñigo Cordoba go well to the team of Marcelino. “They are in a good starting point. If they continue to play at that level and with that rhythm they will achieve the goal of Europe, that is the intention there is. I wish you the best ”, he concluded in Radio Euskadi.