Ceferin recalls that UEFA can sanction Madrid, Barça and Juventus

The president of UEFA, the Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin, recalled this Wednesday in Vienna that any club, also the «big ones», can be penalized if they break the rules, in reference to the three still linked to the «Super League» project: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

«When someone asks me if I can punish big teams, since that can be bad for UEFA, I say: we can punish anyone who breaks the rules»Ceferin said at a press conference after the UEFA congress in Vienna. «I can assure you that the rules, disciplinary or otherwise, will be the same as for any club«, he added.

In any case, Ceferin did not want to enter to assess what kind of sanctions could be imposed due to the fact that there is an ongoing judicial procedure.

Ceferin assured that the «Superliga» was «anything but a super league«, and considered that this «project is finished once and for all, at least for 20 years».

The UEFA president did not want to make any further comments until the Judicial process is completed, although he did point out that he has no contacts with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

«I have not been in contact with none of the three clubs. I think if something like this happens it should be them asking for a meeting, and not me asking them,» she explained.

«The only greetings we receive are from time to time through the courts«He added about the legal proceedings underway.

Ceferin assured that he will coincide in Paris, on May 28, in the box of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, with the president of the white club, Florentino Pérez, but he has no plans no formal meeting with the.

The UEFA president thanked the European Commission for its support in his opposition to the plans of the Super League and also charged against it in his speech during the congress.

«Is a arrogant plandreamed up by a handful of millionaires who don’t buy the notion that, on the playing field as in life, you can lose to someone smaller than you,» he assured in plenary.

Last month a court in Madrid decided to lift the precautionary measures of the Superliga case, which prevented UEFA from sanctioning Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, something that those clubs have resorted to.

The sports project is pending the actions of the Madrid court in which the driving clubs denounced the monopoly of UEFA and FIFA.

The Mercantile Court number 17 of Madrid has submitted a preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU), which will be clue in the procedure.