Brian Cashman’s latest statement on Aaron Judge’s contract extension

The general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman, assured this Wednesday that he will not give further publicity to the contract extension negotiations with Aaron Judge, who had already stated that he would try free agency in 2023.

Judge turned down a $213.5 million offer from the Yankees in April, saying he is seeking a nearly decade-long deal for $30.5 million a year.

Brian Cashman on Aaron Judge’s contract: «We’re not going to talk about it now going forward. Whether that means we’re not going to talk, I’m not saying that, but we’re not going to talk about it ( publicly). But he’s been great. But that’s no surprise, because he is great.»

— Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) May 11, 2022

«We’re not going to talk any more about the extension or negotiations with Judge. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to be in contact with the player, but we’re not going to make this public. He’s been good this season, which is great.» Cashman told

Judge said before the start of the season that he wanted to be a Yankee for his entire career, but the negotiations did not have the end he expected, declaring himself a free agent for the next Major League season.

«I’m going to be a free agent and I’m going to give the Yankees and the rest of the MLB teams a chance,» said Judge, who is batting .290 with 10 homers, 22 RBIs and a .982 OPS.