Boca, finalist without game and on penalties

That end of the League Cup what Racing deserved will play Mouth only because he was more accurate on penalties. There is no other explanation. From the game no argument is rescued to understand why the xeneizes did not kick the goal throughout the party they celebrate, and why the academics, although they accumulated greater merits, fly from the anger.

“It fills me with pride how the team played. We were superior,» he remarked. Fernando Gago. The coach is absolutely right. Racing. Despite the 0-0 in the 90 minutes and the 6-5 defeat on penalties, there was a clear difference in the proposal, in the intensity, in the performance, all in favor of his team.

for something Sebastian Battaglia, when asked if his Boca was a fair finalist, he answered with a «yes» almost of commitment, shy. And in his speech he recognized: “Surely we have to continue improving. Today we may have taken a little step back on some things. We did not have clear situations. It’s reality. But these are games that are played as finals and you have to win them. It was difficult for us to get into the game in the first half especially. Racing lowered its intensity in the second. The team made a great effort. Mouth it is there to say present in the moments in which it has to be said. That’s why he’s a finalist.»

There was a constant in the game. Racing He bet on intense pressure, sometimes even on the same rival start. This is one of the main features that distinguish the team from Fernando Gago. Never Mouth He managed to find a way around that issue and lived much of the 90 minutes parked in a degree of notorious discomfort.

It was so difficult for the team to overcome that obstacle Sebastian Battaglia that did not generate any clear scoring chance throughout the match. midfielders, Oscar Romero, Pol Fernandez and Juan Ramirez, They never flowed with the ball and Darío Benedetto up front was disconnected.

Not even Mouth managed to scare the academics with a run at sheer speed of Sebastian Villawho was the headline despite the fact that on Friday he had been denounced by a young woman who accused him of sexual abuse and attempted murder in an event that occurred in June 2021 (in addition, the Colombian is awaiting an oral trial for a episode of gender-based violence pending since April 2020).

Although he did not look sharp in the last meters of the field and did not generate too many dangerous situations, Racing accumulated merits to win. had a heads up Thomas Chancalay in the first half, but kicked wide. He had three occasions the youth midfielder Carlos Alcaraz appearing in the area by surprise, although nuances arose in all of them that made the definition uncomfortable.

had started very well Enzo Copetti as a center forward, shooting with his power the warnings in the first half hour of the two central markers Carlos Zambrano and Marcos Rojo. However, due to injury Matias Rojas, instead of entering Fabricio Domínguez, the Racing coach included Javier Correa to be located in «9» and moved Copetti due to the right wing, a role that he does not feel. It did not seem the most accurate determination of Fernando Gagor because Copetti was diluted on one side and Zambrano and Rojo already played more calmly. Would Racing have avoided penalties if Gago made another decision?

The truth is gago chose that path, the tie was not broken and in the penalties the xeneizes celebrated because they had more aim, because their goalkeeper Agustín Rossi covered a shot from Enzo Copetti and because Emiliano Insúa did not hit the goal.

Today the other finalist will be known. In the Hurricane stadium they will cross Tigre and Argentine Juniors. Boca wants to know, this Boca that can explain how to win a semifinal without kicking on goal.