Austin FC adds Colombian Jhojan Valencia

The Colombian Flyer Jhojan Valencia let Deportivo Cali to play in Austin F.C., team of the Major League Soccer (MLS).

The news was confirmed by the Caleño team, which this Thursday, January 13, fired on social networks Valencia. Jhojan He was a vital piece of the team that has just been crowned Colombian soccer champion.

“He came to our quarry at the age of 10. Today jump to Austin F.C. abroad with 25 years. He lived through different processes and was champion twice. Thanks a lot, Jhojan Valencia! This will always be your house, ‘Chicharro’!”, fired the Cali on social networks.

Valencia, 25-year-old defensive midfielder, is leaving Deportivo Cali after having won two titles with that club. To the star that he obtained in 2021 we must add the one that he won in 2015, the Opening Tournament of that year, under the technical direction of the freckled castro.

The footballer signed a contract that binds him to Austin F.C. until December 2024. Said contract contemplates a clause that enables both parties to extend the bond for one more season. The transfer was closed for 1.2 million dollars for 80% of the pass. The Cali He keeps a percentage of the Valencia token, which he will try to take advantage of in the event of a future sale.

Valencia arrives at Austin F.C. with a clear mission: to improve the defensive phase of the team. That was the purpose of his hiring according to the coach, Claudia Reyna.

Jhojan he is a talented young midfielder with great defensive instincts and a keen eye for the ball. His presence will add a new dimension to our midfield and free up some of our most attacking players to come forward and create chances. We look forward to welcoming you to Austin”, commented the DT once the news was confirmed.

Austin F.C. Finished 12th in the Western Conference mls. During 2021 the team received 56 goals.