Anthony Davis is willing to take the lead in LeBron’s absence

If on occasions it has been necessary to find some fault to the figure of a talent like that of Anthony Davis, the character comes as one of the defects that are commonly attributed to him. Shy and quiet, La Ceja admits that he doesn’t usually raise his voice unless his nerves are on the brink of collapse. The current season is posing the biggest challenge the player has faced since joining the Lakers in this regard. With LeBron James missing games due to injury and now totally removed from the group by sanitary protocols, Davis has had to take a step forward against which he has not been daunted. «My leadership is being tested, it’s a good test for me.»

Davis spoke about this with the journalist from Yahoo Sports Chris Hynes after Los Angeles’ win over Sacramento. In it, the power forward led his team statistically. But I already knew that I could do it, the real challenge is to be a spiritual leader and more vocal. “I don’t have to tell people what to do, but if necessary I will. This season, unfortunately for his team, the player has had to be tough on the individual and collective performance of the Lakers when before it was not usual for him to pronounce so effusively. «I am undertaking the next step in my career as a leader. I do it my way, trying to compliment guys like Rondo, Carmelo, and Russ. They know that I am quiet, but they are encouraging me to use my voice to guide the team.

AD made official a task that it has been carrying out for several weeks. “I’m going to be the guy to express his thoughts both in the dressing room and to the media. We are a veteran team with people who know exactly what they have to do. This is especially important when a personality like him is missing [James]». Davis has also become LeBron’s main support, with whom he spoke that morning to make sure he was well and without symptoms.

(Cover photo by Ronald Cortes / Getty Images)