4 positive aspects that Alex Rodríguez could bring to the Miami Marlins

Although there is no sign that the owners of the Miami Marlins have put the team up for sale, there is a rumor in the MLB that Alex Rodríguez wants to buy it.

The former New York Yankees star tried to buy the Mets a couple of years ago, with no luck.

Now, with his nephew Joe Dunand on the Major League team’s roster, Rodriguez has one more reason to make an offer. These are positive things that his arrival would bring.

Alex Rodríguez has a solid net worth to invest in the team / Michael Reaves/GettyImagesJuan Camilo Vergara|May 12, 2022Luiscarlos González|11:30 AM EDTJuan Camilo Vergara|May 9, 2022Mariana Moreno|May 9, 2022

In his 22 seasons as a Major League player, Rodríguez earned close to 400 million dollars in salary, and at this time his net worth has been estimated at around 300 million dollars. Focused on investments since his years as an active player, it is expected that with this financial muscle the arrival of Rodríguez will inject money into the team.

The rivalry between the two former Yankees stars Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter is legendary / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

They were teammates on the Yankees for a decade, but it was known before that they were not the best of friends. Both stars were the protagonists of a great rivalry in their years in the diamonds and A-Rod may have an extra motivation in his search for success that Jeter could not obtain in Miami.

Alex Rodríguez longs to be a manager in the MLB / Win McNamee/GettyImages

Rodríguez has long had the goal of buying a team in the MLB. His investment fund manages several companies and is part owner of an NBA team. If he finally manages to land the Marlins he will be able to showcase his qualities as a manager and fulfill an old dream. He will surely do his best to perform well.

Alex Rodríguez will use his image to enhance the marketing of the Marlins / Tasos Katopodis / GettyImages

A-Rod does not go unnoticed wherever he goes and is aware of the power of his image. His arrival at the Marlins may be what it takes for Miami to improve attendance at the park. He will surely improve the marketing aspect of the club.