3 teams that could trade the Yankees for Aaron Hicks

Despite the great moment they are experiencing, the New York Yankees already have their sights set on the MLB playoffs and the moves they must make to shield the team for the battle that awaits them.

Aaron Hicks, whose tendency to get injured has caused him to have a poor performance with New York and who this season in the Major Leagues has an offensive line of .215/.364/.253, with only one home run (his only extra base) and 5 driven.

This makes the 32-year-old outfielder a candidate to be a game changer. These are teams that could accept Hicks as part of a package deal.

Not even winning 5 of their last 7 games the Reds have been able to stop having the worst record in the Major Leagues so far this season (8-24). Their compromised situation has led them to announce that they will listen to offers for some of their players, especially a couple of pitchers that the Yankees may be interested in. It would be a good opportunity for New York to deliver him in exchange for pieces that will help him in the playoffs.

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The rebuild the Cubs began in the 2021 season could continue this season. Their 11-19 record does not suggest that they will be able to compete in the central division of the National League, not even with Seiya Suzuki in the lineup. If they do get a deal done for Ian Happ, they’ll be more open to the idea of ​​getting Aaron Hicks as part of a package deal with the Yankees.

Dominican outfielder Ramón Laureano may be one of the next names to come off the Athletics’ payroll, who also have pitchers on the market that may be of interest to contending teams like the Yankees. If Laureano’s departure goes through and New York is still interested in a pitcher, there’s a good chance Hicks will be part of a trade package and go to Oakland.