3 keys why the Astros would trust Jeremy Peña as Carlos Correa’s successor

Carlos Correa marked a time in the Houston Astros as the team’s shortstop for seven seasons in the MLB. He is now a free agent and will continue his career with another organization. The sidereals already have a substitute to give him the opportunity in 2022 and it is Jeremy Peña.

Peña is a 24-year-old Dominican who comes from good performances in the winter league in his country and in Triple A in 2021. We tell you 3 keys why he considers him the first to succeed Correa.

Jeremy Peña is of Dominican origin

In three full seasons with the Astros branches between 2018 and 2021, Jeremy Peña has a .291/.371/.443 offensive line. With this he shows that he has the potential to help the big team with the offense although nothing guarantees that he can be as good as Carlos Correa. These good statistics can give the sidereal coaching staff the necessary confidence to give them the first option to win the regular shortstop position in spring training in 2022. It will be a very strong challenge to fit the Puerto Rican’s shoes from the offensive point of view. , but Peña appears to be a skilled slugger and you have to wait for him.