3 first basemen the Yankees can sign to fill in for Anthony Rizzo

The New York Yankees could lose Anthony Rizzo next offseason in the MLB if he doesn’t get the contract he’s hoping for. Although he was a solid contributor to the offense, the front office may not want him and may have other plans for 2022.

Here are the three first baseman options the Yankees could sign up for Rizzo.

First baseman Freddie Freeman led National League plate appearances during the 2021 MLB campaign

If the Bronx team has plans to trade Luke Voit and wants to secure a star of the starting lineup, Freddie Freeman is the answer they are looking for. In his 12-year career, the first baseman has a .295 average, 271 homers and 941 RBIs. In addition, he has 367 doubles and an OPS of .893.