Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san season 3 chapter 3 sub Spanish online: what time and where to watch the full episode | anime

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san season 3 chapter 3 sub Spanish online: what time and where to watch the full episode |  anime

The first chapters of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, season 3, have been a success among the fan community. As is known, this romantic anime arrived in the 2022 winter season in Japan and has already left good impressions for its animation quality and for faithfully following the sleeve. Below, learn more details about the launch … Read More

WHO authorized the drugs baricitinib and sotrovimab to treat Covid

El baricitinib se usa en el tratamiento de la artitris en varios países alrededor del mundo.

The World Health Organization (WHO) authorized the use of the drugs baricitinib and sotrovimab for the treatment of Covid-19. According to the information provided by the WHO, the endorsement of the use of these drugs was given after several evaluations made mainly by international experts who work in a Guideline Development Group of the health … Read More

CDC study indicates that getting COVID protects more than getting vaccinated, but immunization prevents serious symptoms

Las iglesias están siendo centros de vacunación en países como Austria.

A previous infection of COVID better protects patients from new infections, but the Vaccination remains the best way to prevent the most serious symptoms of the disease, revealed a study published this Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). the findings, based on data collected in California and New York, revealed that … Read More

How watching TV can cause a stroke

Un hábito que parece inofensivo, pero que puede desencadenar una embolia.

A stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks blood flow to an organ or body part. It can happen in many areas of the body with fatal results, since the lack of blood implies an absence of oxygen that can cause irreversible damage or the death of certain areas or organs. However, watching tv can … Read More

Antibiotic resistance deadlier than HIV or malaria

La resistencia a los antibióticos es una amenaza a la salud mundial.

Forget the COVID, HIV or malaria: antibiotic resistance is a real threat long-term for human health worldwide. Antibiotic resistance occurs when fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses resist the onslaught of the drugs that are usually used to combat them; and when medicine is not effective in fighting an infection, the result can be death. In … Read More

COVID: Study reveals that vaccines can alter menstrual cycles

Investigadores encontraron un cambio clínicamente significativo en los ciclos de las mujeres recién vacunadas.

Researchers found a clinically significant change in the cycles of the newly vaccinated women. Photo: Alina Blumberg/Pexels Shortly after the launch of the vaccines against covid-19, stories began to emerge of women experiencing changes in their menstrual cycles after receiving the immunization. For a long time, this did not attract much attention in the media, … Read More

Why obese women are at higher risk of getting seriously ill from Covid

Y al parecer, las mujeres con sobrepeso tienen mayor riesgo de morir de Covid.

Surely you know the story told in «The Iliad» by Homer. It tells how the Greeks, after several years trying to conquer Troy, achieved their goal thanks to a huge wooden horse inside which their soldiers hid. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, they assaulted the city from within. Well, it seems that … Read More

Is bitcoin safe?

Is bitcoin safe?

One of the main obstacles that people encounter when starting to buy, save or invest in Bitcoin it is security. The very idea of ​​“digital money” scares uninformed users. We live in a time where attacks on computer systems and the theft of personal information are very common. In this context, it is not unreasonable … Read More

What is a cryptocurrency

What is a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies is the name given to digital currencies using blockchain, a technology that facilitates value transfer operations and at the same time protects them. They are a way of digital money valid both in their crypto communities (the Bitcoin or Ethereum network) and in the traditional markets for products and services, where its use was … Read More

What is a token and how does it work?

What is a token and how does it work?

It is practically impossible to read an article or watch a video about cryptocurrencies without mentioning the word token. So, without hesitation, in this article we want to explain What are they, how are they used and what are they for?. What is a token ‍A token is a physical or digital object that has … Read More

What is Bitcoin

what is bitcoin

Created in 2009, Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, a kind of digital money which is currently used by more than 25 million users around the world for transfer and store value, for make purchases Y Payments, and even for save money. The operations in bitcoins (or BTC) are seated on a computer accounting system … Read More

How Bitcoin works

How Bitcoin works

Suppose we are in my house and you see that I have a beautiful toy dinosaur. You love it, you ask me to give it to youI say yes and I give it to you. Now that plastic tyrannosaurus rex it’s yours. As simple as that. We do not need no intermediary or notary that … Read More

What is Ethereum

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is a blockchain based open source platform, which works with the same technology as Bitcoin and has its own cryptocurrency: the ether token (ETH). Its main feature, more than keeping an accounting record like Bitcoin, is that of being able to execute smart contractsknown worldwide as smart contracts. Since the young Russian programmer Vitalik … Read More

How to choose your Bitcoin wallet

How to choose your Bitcoin wallet

For operate in the easiest way, users of the main crypto network use Applications that allow them to manage their Bitcoin addresses for store, send and receive BTC. These programs, known as wallets, are apps that offer the functionalities of a digital wallet or purse, and that simplify the management of crypto assets. To the … Read More

Stablecoins: everything you need to know about «cryptodollars»

Stablecoins: everything you need to know about "cryptodollars"

What is a stablecoin or “stable cryptocurrency”? The stablecoins they are a type of digital asset that maintains a stable price pegged to another traditional asset, such as the US dollar. They gained a lot of popularity for offering the possibility of entering the crypto world without having to be exposed to the price volatility … Read More

How is the price of bitcoin formed?

How is the price of bitcoin formed

Define what is Bitcoin It takes time because, like any new technology, cryptocurrencies raise doubts. One of the main ones is why its value is so volatile, how come there are so many different prices for bitcoins. Because of how they are designed, bitcoins or BTC build their value over supply and demand movements. There … Read More

What is cryptocurrency mining and how does it work?

What is cryptocurrency mining and how does it work

The concept of mining immediately refers to the idea of ​​picks and shovels, to the extraction of metals and precious stones. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, chose this term as an analogy to gold mining to refer to the mechanism of “issuance” of new bitcoins. The miners they are the ones who run the … Read More