«Theatrical Version Magical Round 0» Ends All at All Theaters Nationwide on May 29 Megumi Ogata «A Cup of Gratitude»

The screening of «Theatrical Version Magical War 0» at all theaters nationwide will end all at once on May 29 (some theaters will not continue to be screened until May 29. For details, see the homepage of each theater. Confirmation required).

This work, which was released on December 24, 2021 at 418 halls nationwide (including IMAX 39 halls), attracted more than 9.71 million spectators within 137 days (December 24, 2009-May 9, 2010). Boxing revenue exceeded 13.6 billion yen. Since its release, it has been in the top 10 in the weekend audience mobilization ranking for 15 consecutive weeks (according to a survey by Kogyo Tsushinsha), and won the Excellent Animation Work Award at the 45th Japan Academy Prize.

Before the end of the screening on May 29, Megumi Ogata, who played the role of the main character, Yuta Otobone, said, «Five months after the release-it’s been a long run, and I heard that many people still come to visit us. I’m full of gratitude. I’m just about to finish the screening. I’m looking forward to seeing you again as Yuta Ogata. «