The second phase of «iii Icecrin» featuring «Ice Cream x Animal» characters will be broadcast from July.

It has been decided that the broadcast of «iii Icecrin 2 (Aisukurin Double)» featuring fancy characters with ice cream as a motif will start on TV Tokyo and others from July. Visual and character introduction videos are also available.

This work is the second phase of «iii Icecrin» broadcast in 2021. With the full cooperation of Blue Seal Ice Cream, which is centered around Okinawa, it depicts the daily lives of «Aisukurin» who live in Ice Cream Town and combine various animals with ice cream flavors. Continuing from the previous work, Shin-Ei Animation of «Doraemon» and «Crayon Shin-chan» will be in charge of animation production, and the main staff such as director Juria Matsumura and series composition / screenplay Hiroko Fukuda will continue to cast.

The visual of «iii Icecrin 2» depicts a lively scene where many friends came to visit the vanilla apartment where a vanilla (CV: Taeko Kawata) with a bear and vanilla flavor as a motif lives.

In addition to the vanilla that my friends love, the character introduction videos include the always energetic Awatenbo Chokon (Fumiko Orikasa), the laid-back Mamango (Ryota Iwasaki), and the shy Stocchi (Konomi Kohara). Fifteen «Aisukurins» will appear one after another.