Takehito Koyasu appeared in the anime «Spriggan» in the Netflix version following the 1998 theater animation «I’m back! To Spriggan!»

An additional cast of the Netflix series anime «Spriggan» has been announced, and it has been revealed that Takehito Koyasu will play the role of Mirage, a man with terrifying power. At the same time, the character visual is also released.

Koyasu was in charge of the role of Jean Jackmond in the 1998 animated movie «SPRIGGAN». I will be appearing in «Spriggan» again, «I’m back! I’m back! Becoming a Spriggan! And I’m getting stronger! I’m super happy! I can feel it spurting out of my whole body–! «

This work is based on the adventure action manga serialized in «Weekly Shonen Sunday» (published by Shogakukan) from 1989 to 1996 by Hiroshi Takashige (original) and Ryoji Minagawa (drawing). It depicts the activities of Yu Ominae (CV: Chiaki Kobayashi), a boy who is struggling as a special agent «Spriggan» of the organization «Arkham» established to seal the heritage of ultra-ancient civilization.

Mirage, whose voice is Koyasu, is a man with a terrifying power that would be called Moguri if he didn’t know his name in the back world. The technique using «Ki», ​​which is the source of all things, overwhelms Yu wearing «AM suit».

The Netflix series «Spriggan» will be exclusively distributed worldwide from June 18th. The full text of Koyasu’s comment is as follows.

[Takehito Koyasu (role of Mirage)]I’m home! I’m back! For Spriggan! Moreover, get stronger! Ahahaha is super happy! I can get involved with my favorite spriggan again and feel the finest juice spouting from my whole body. I’m looking forward to the success of «Mirage»! I’ll make Yu Ominae boggy (laughs) * Of course I know the original (laughs)