«SPY x FAMILY» Natsumi Fujiwara, Emiri Kato and others play the role of Anya’s classmates

As an additional cast of the TV anime «SPY x FAMILY» being broadcast, it has been revealed that four people, including Natsumi Fujiwara and Emiri Kato, will appear. At the same time, the main visual of «The Whereabouts of Pass / Fail» of MISSION: 5 (Episode 5) is also shown.

This work is based on the popular manga serialized in «Shonen Jump +». Twilight, a brilliant spy, lives as a general family without revealing their identities and abilities, with the pseudonym Lloyd Forger, the killer Yor as his wife, and the supernatural power Anya as his daughter. While doing an infiltration mission.

The additional cast is Anya’s classmates who enrolled in Eden. Fujiwara will play the role of Damian Desmond, the second son of Donovan Desmond, the target of Lloyd, and Kato will play the role of Becky Blackbell, the daughter of the CEO of a major military company. In addition, Hana Sato will play the role of Emile Elman, one of Dummy’s entourage, and Akika Okamura will play the role of Uin Edgeberg, who is also entourage.

The main visual of «The Whereabouts of Pass / Fail» depicts the appearance of «playing with a sword» as a reward for Anya who passed the Eden school.