«Shin Ultraman» theme song, Kenshi Yonezu «M 87» music video released

On May 13th, the release date of the movie «Shin Ultraman», the music video of the theme song «M 87» by Kenshi Yonezu was released.

«M87» is a song created while envisioning a beautiful Ultraman who is forced to fight lonely, but is still strong and kind, and never forgets the compassionate heart of human beings. The theme is a «chain of blessings» that creates something new by returning the blessings received from Ultraman as a child.

The music video released this time is a surrealistic image of the world where everyday life and gravity are distorted. Yonezu himself appeared, and the director was Kyotaro Hayashi, who also worked on «TEENAGE RIOT». The new single «M 87» will be released on May 18th.

In the movie «Shin Ultraman», a special effects hero «Ultraman» who celebrated the 55th anniversary of his birth, set in modern Japan where mysterious giant creatures called «Kaiju» appeared one after another and their existence became everyday. 』Draws a new birth and battle.

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