«Shin Kamen Rider» special news completed Shinya Tsukamoto, Toru Tezuka, Suzuki Matsuo participated SHOCKER official app released

The teaser poster visual, a special report of the movie «Shin Kamen Rider» directed and written by Hideaki Anno, was unveiled for the first time. At the same time, a new cast was announced, and it was found that Shinya Tsukamoto, Toru Tezuka, and Suzuki Matsuo were participating.

«Shin Kamen Rider» was announced to be produced and released in March 2023 on April 3, 2021, which is the 50th anniversary of the «Kamen Rider» broadcast. The main character, Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider, is played by Sosuke Ikematsu, the heroine Ruriko Midorikawa is played by Minami Hamabe, and Hayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider No. 2 is played by Tasuku Emoto. It is drawn as.

The teaser will be lifted at the theater from today. A part of the story is projected along with the music of Taku Iwasaki («ROD -READ OR DIE-» «Jormungand»). The music used is the original produced for the special news. The teaser poster visual is a live copy of the Cyclone and Kamen Rider. Flyers will also be produced and will be posted and installed in theaters nationwide (excluding some theaters) from today.

The official movie «SHOCKER» from Shin Kamen Rider is released today. The «Sustainable Happiness Organization with Computational Knowledge Embedded Remodeling» (commonly known as SHOCKER) that appears in the movie is the world of the movie. Produced as if it jumped out of the movie, SHOCKER’s «happiness of mankind» is the purpose of this app. After downloading, as a collaborator of SHOCKER, you can enjoy the latest information on the secret society SHOCKER and limited content only for the app by the members. The app is free and can be downloaded from the app store of each device (download URL: https://c-rayon.com/result/shocker).

«Shin Kamen Rider» will be released nationwide in March 2023.

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