«Osomatsu-san ~ Hipipo Tribe and Shining Fruit ~» This preview release The theme song is a new arrangement of AOP «Hanamaru Pippi Hayoiko only»

As the first of the 6th anniversary works of «Osomatsu-san», the main visual and the main visual of the new animation «Osomatsu-san ~ Hipipo Tribe and Shining Fruit ~», which will be released for a limited time at theaters nationwide from July 8th, will be released. rice field. The details of the theme song have also been clarified.

In this notice, which begins with the serious lines of Osomatsu (CV: Takahiro Sakurai), «I won’t run away … I’ll fight. We will be reborn on this trip!» A part of the great adventure that the six children of the Matsuno family unfolds in search of «glitter fruit» is drawn. There are also scenes where the six children who arrived at the mysterious island meet the strangely-shaped ethnic minority «Hipipo» who grows fruits, and the scenes that reveal their wishes.

The main visual is drawn by character designer Eiji Yasuhiko. While the volcano of the mysterious island erupts, the figures of familiar characters such as giant mantis, dinosaurs, six children who are chased by a large number of Hipipo tribes and dashing fiercely, Chibita, and Iyami are drawn.

The opening theme song of the same work is decided to be «Hanamaru Pippi Hayoiko only Reiwa ver.» By «AOP» who has been in charge of the successive theme songs of the «Osomatsu-san» series. «AOP» ended its activities in 2021, but the song is the first cool opening theme song «Hanamaru Pippiha» of «Osomatsu-san» released in 2015. This is a new version of «Yokodake» with the theme of «adventure». In the latter half of this notice, a part of the sound source was shown.

From May 13th, the second Mubichike card advance ticket using the main visual will be on sale at theaters nationwide. The price is 1500 yen, and a «sticking plaster set with a glitter mount card» is included as a bonus.