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On Monday, May 9, 2022, the 20th issue of the well-known Weekly Shonen Jump magazine was published in Japan, and with it, the long-awaited 1,049th chapter of One Piece, the popular manga written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda.

In the previous episodes, it was possible to see how the group made up of the Oden samurai, the Kid pirates and the Mugiwara carried out their fight against Kaido’s army.

After much effort, Kid and Law managed to beat Bigmom. Meanwhile, the other members of the straw hats did the same on the floors where they were. Now, everything is in Luffy’s hands.

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You can read the complete manga and in Spanish this Sunday, May 15, through the official page of Shonen Jump, Mangaplus.

This week’s chapter begins by showing an unexpected flashback of Kaidou, who from a very young age was already considered an exceptional soldier in the distant Vodka country; however, his strength made everyone afraid of him, so they decided to sell him to the Navy to get a place on the Reverie.

But, despite being taken away by the Marines, Kaidou manages to escape again and again, until one day he is recruited by the Rocks pirates, where he meets Shirohige and BigMom. Retiring from that group, he forms the band of beast pirates. Henceforth, he takes control of Wano.

«One Piece» – Kaidou’s flashback. Photo: Mangaplus/MugiwaraScans

Returning to the present, we see how Onigashima castle is being destroyed and the Mugiwara along with their allies try to escape anywhere. In another frame, we see how, after several attempts, they have finally managed to kill the evil shogun, Orochi.

«One Piece» – disasters at Onigashima castle. Photo: Mangaplus/MugiwaraScans

Meanwhile, in the capital of flowers, everyone throws their lamps with their wishes written on them, not knowing that the final fight for their country is taking place in heaven.

Returning to the fight, Kaidou asks Luffy what world he intends to create, to which Muguiwara replies that one where his friends can eat whatever they want. These words open the eyes of the leader of the beast pirates, who receives the blow squarely, remembering how he once told King that the only one who could defeat him is Joy Boy.

«One Piece» – Kaidou’s defeat. Photo: Mangaplus/MugiwaraScans