«Neue Gineiden» 4th term «Plot» will be released sequentially from September 30th in all 3 chapters Teaser visual showing Rubinsky and Dominique

It was announced that the force season «Plot» of «Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These» will be released sequentially from September 30th in all three chapters. At the same time, a teaser visual is also shown.

Chapter 1 will be screened on September 30th, Chapter 2 will be screened on October 28th, and Chapter 3 will be screened from November 25th for a limited period of 3 weeks (excluding some theaters).

The original novel «Legend of the Galactic Heroes» by Yoshiki Tanaka is a science fiction space opera depicting the conflict between the Galactic Empire led by the war genius Reinhard von Lohengram and the Free Planet Alliance to which Tomosho Yang Wen-li belongs. In 2018, «Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Encounters» (episodes 1-12) was produced, and in 2019, the second season «Hoshiran» (episodes 13-24) was produced. From March this year, the third season «Crash» will be screened in all three chapters, and the screening of Chapter 3 has started from May 13th today.

In the force season «Plot», the battle between the Imperial Army and the Alliance Army over the military base Iselloan Fortress is finally over. The story begins to swell greatly due to the speculation of the Fezzan Dominion, which is the third force.

In the teaser visual that was also shown, the figure of Fezzan Dominion Rubinski and his mistress Dominique are depicted with a catch phrase «Circumstances, misleading, and jumping.»